It's the anniversary of me finding out that Lulu sells Tunnock's Caramels, those lunchbox treats. This is normal, according to management: The Beautiful Britain Festival at Lulu regularly brings the British back to their childhoods with sudden and violent force, and, urged by deep and buried memories they'll demand to know where the Highland Toffees are. Today I saw senior (hardened?) diplomats go misty-eyed over Scottish ice cream and apple cake.

So for the next ten days, Lulu is showcasing their British products, introducing new ones, and discounting others. If you're an in-and-out shopper, head straight to dairy and get some Welsh banoffee yoghurt. Fancy juices are slashed in price too, and right by the entrance you have homemade treacle toffee biscuits that are very reasonably priced, and there's a good selection of condiments - these are good because they will sit in your fridge until the next Festival rolls around. Creme Eggs are there too of course, at 550 bz each. I haven't tried them since they changed the recipe - is it worth it?

Lulu has grown into my favourite supermarket. It started with those banana dolphins and peaked recently with their embrace of local organic produce, at a reasonable price to boot. (From a real farm!) Yes Lulu gets busy, but as a Bausher local, I've got the choice of human chaos in Lulu, or vehicular nightmares over at MGM, and I'm a people person with a mad dislike of scratches on my car door. Lulu used to be where I knew I should go to save money on staple vegetables, but didn't - now there's little I can't find in there, and I'm including buffalo mozzarella and butternut squash. If you don't concur, I suggest you take a tour of the store as I did today, at the shufflingest of official paces, and see what you can spot that you didn't know they sold, like tear-and-share vanilla brioche. You may also spot a Lulu chef whose name is Prince Phillip, unless it's just that all the staff have been renamed for the festival.


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