It's taken me a long time to get to anything near coffee-loving. I'm a tea freak, but there are so many nice biscuits and waffle things that go better coffee than they do with tea, so Joe has somehow wormed his way into my affections. And once I like something, I only want to have the very best version of it. Our new neighbours Copper have the best coffee in town. It's a signature blend, made by a cracking squadron of baristas, using the most expert of techniques and on the best machine you can get. (I also like the little copper tongs you drop the sugar into the cup with.)

Tomorrow only, TOTEM (aka me, for full disclosure) and Copper are doing a special deal: buy anything at TOTEM, get 20% off your purchase, and a coffee and cake combo for just 2 OMR at Copper. You'll need to head over to the TOTEM Facebook page and click to claim the offer.

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