Copper: opening tomorrow!

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This Friday, Copper opens its doors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We'll likely be eating all three meals there. I'm very efficient, and have access to the menu, so here's what I reckon I'll be having: I'll start with the waffles and buttermilk fried chicken with salted caramel sauce. I'm thinking about the sirloin salad for lunch - comes with air-dried tomatoes, cress, toasted pistachios and pickled cucumber. And dinner will be Cape Malay spice chicken with sweetcorn relish and mango chutney. You know what I like? Things on the menu that I've never seen on a menu here. New and fresh flavour combinations and presentation; it always gives me a tingle.

I'll be posting photos tomorrow at Copper on the @heyfatsu Instagram page. Meanwhile, here's what I managed to sneak out of the restaurant this morning. The coffee is freaking awesome and those lemon butter cookies manage to be mind-blowing and subtle at the same time. See you at Copper tomorrow! You'll find the restaurant on the road towards PDO - you'll see the flags outside as you drive past before the traffic lights. There's a map below, or go to Copper's Facebook page for more directions.

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