Eat Street: Central American

We ate at Eat Street right at the start of their soft opening and really liked it. Today we tried out some of their Latina offerings and made an awesome meal out of a dish of local corn, and slow-cooked pulled beef nachos. The service is super-tight and even more friendly now - I suppose because the opening-days clench has been relaxed - and their lovely big folding doors are back, so it feels very cool and streetlike there now. Actual cool and actual street, not hip, although it's that too. So, those dishes: seriously tasty. All zingy, singing flavours in the fire-roasted corn dish, with sharp white cheese and some melty variety too. Then the come-to-mama, nachos, which are also home-roasted, and come in a bowl made out of themselves, and you can eat the bowl - the top of it stays crisp throughout, all the better to scoop out any sauce left at the bottom. Best thing with nachos is how every mouthful is different, and with Eat Street's, you can taste each of the individual components  - the guacamole, the slow-cooked pulled beef, the salsa - perfectly, an absolute mouth fiesta.

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