Rumba gets its license

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* contains alcohol

The lack of an alcohol license is no barrier to a kitchen putting out delicious food, but there are some cuisines that are better with booze, both in the preparation and as an accompaniment and complement to the meal. French food without white wine? Ah bah, what is this? Steak served without red? I'll have that to go, thanks. To go back to my sofa where my wine is. I can count on one finger the number of pizza places here where you can have a) good pizza and b) a beer with it. 

Plenty of restaurants here operate dry and do very well, no doubt, and I wish them all the best, but oh lord, I am SO HAPPY to hear that the only decent Latin American restaurant in town, Rumba Lattina, is now serving frosty cervezas with your empanadas, or a bottle of lovely Chilean wine. Oh I'm happy.

There are also some awesome packages on offer: these guys have spent a year just itching to get going with the booze, and they want to share the joy. Sunday to Thursday, there's a happy hour from 12 noon to 3, with 30% off all beverages. I'm all for that. Daytime drinking, during the week! That's Latin living. (I don't have a problem, I just love authenticity.) Happy hour continues in the evening, 6 to 8. Ladies: from Sunday to Wednesday, after 8, you get three free house drinks. And there's a brunch every Friday and Saturday; that's a brilliant deal, you get a killer four-course meal with unlimited bubbly for OMR 20++. The license also means that Rumba can finally become the cool Latino lounge we've been meant to while away nights in.

Johnny, Rumba Lattina's award-winning bartender, mixologist, and flair artist, must be overjoyed to finally be able to twizzle bottles of tequila as well as homemade blackberry puree - the restaurant has been waiting over a year for this license to come through, and we long-time fans of the food have too (it's really good; regional, authentic and made from truly Latin ingredients. Here, read about it). And I really thought that I loved Rumba's tres leche dessert before, but trying it tonight with the staple ingredient, coconut liqueur, taking its rightful place centre plate, made me wish I knew how to say something in Spanish along the lines of 'what the hell? That's the best thing I ever tasted!', which would have been a good way to wrap up a Latin-themed blog post. But I don't speak Spanish so I can't. Ay ay ay.

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  1. I'm very pleased to read such good news, I'm glad that you got a license. I wish you many good customers.