Insalata di finocchio, arance, e olive nere

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Quick, make this before summer is over. It's delicious and light and so easy.

Peel the outer leaves off a nice big raw fennel bulb, and discard those ones. Keep the green feathery bits on the top of the fennel, and chop them finely. Then slice the rest of the fennel up, from the top down to keep the shape. Peel an orange, and slice that up too. Put the orange and the fennel (including those feathery bits) in a bowl with some black olives, and add salt, black pepper, and olive oil. Leave it marinate for a few minutes. Eat.

Because this is quite an unusual dish, can be made in advance, and has a fancy Italian name, it's good to serve as a dinner party starter. If you want to enjoy it to the full, though, I suggest eating it alone, so you can slurp the juice at the end without fear of judgement.

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  1. This is quite a non-standard dish. We can enjoy its extraordinary taste after the proper preparation. It is juicy enough and pleasant.