What to do in summer, part two

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Cawston Press' Rhubarb and Apple is my new favourite summer drink. You can get it from Carrefour for 450 baisas or so. It is lovely and tasty and refreshing, and an ideal replacement for any of these drinks:

Water. I'm so sick of water. We're all supposed to drink more of it during these months, but I've been drinking it for YEARS, with no obvious effects. Enough. Cawston's is hydrating and bubbly and contains water as well as having an actual (nice) taste.

Diet Pepsi, my soft drink of choice, an instant ice-cold pick-me-up. This Cawston's stuff is not from concentrate, is sweetened naturally, and has actual fruit juices in it - you know, real ingredients. I dread to think what Pepsi is made of. Outlawed heavy metals and caffeine and stem cells, probably, but we'll find that out at the autopsy. Problem is, you can't get Cawston's at every Al Maha and I need a can of something for road trips.

Red wine. I love red wine. But I tend to finish a glass in less than a minute as I have very little self-restraint. (Which can be seen from the high percentage of posts about chips on this blog. Something like 18% of them mention fries somewhere.) And you know, you really can't just drink unlimited quantities of red wine every night, especially during the shrivelling heat of summer. What am I supposed to have though? A cup of tea with my lasagna? You could even get away with drinking Cawston's with your dinner, because tastes like rhubarb and apple and raspberry, that are tart and acid, hit your palette with a vinoesque punch. If you pour Cawston's into a wine glass, it's easier to fool yourself. Actually, I got the idea to find the perfect wine-replacement beverage from a website for pregnant alcoholics - I think it's called babycentre.co.uk - where I found a thread of women swapping ways to get that alcy kick from non-harmful drinks.

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