Eat The Candidates

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Synaesthesia is an interesting condition, meaning 'union of the senses'. Synaethetes experience one sense (or more) through another; tasting colours, seeing music, physically feeling flavours. There's no treatment, no cure, and apparently many with the condition wouldn't want one. It must give you a unique way of looking at (or smelling, or hearing) the world around you, and I'd like to have it just for a day, but be able to switch back if cheese turned out to be a revolting shade of puce, or wine sounded like a whining toddler.

Well, if you're not particularly gripped by the UK elections, you might manage to raise your level of interest by learning what, in the sense-fused mind of one synaesthete, James Wannerton, the main party candidates taste like. It's all in this Guardian article. I particularly like the description of Nigel Farrage's flavour: "a wet tweed jacket sleeve that grinds on your teeth".

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