The #1 Restaurant In Oman

Beating out even über-fancy The Restaurant at The Chedi Muscat, which comes second, the best restaurant in Oman, according to TripAdvisor, is...La Fattoria Della Pizza. It's not the most talked-about. On top Facebook group Oman Restaurant Review, there's just one post by a happy customer (none by unhappy ones, incidentally), although Fattoria comes up several times in replies to the question "Where can I find the best pizza in Oman?" 

If you're interested in how TripAdvisor ranks its rated restaurants, this article tells you. I can tell you that La Fattoria Della Pizza is my - and Maurizio's - favourite place for pizza in Oman, especially since Chef Mario left Tomato. Tuscany pizzas are excellent too but, at OMR 11 for a margherita, just a touch on the pricey side. Relative newcomer Volare gets mixed reviews over on ORR; I really enjoyed my eat-in pizza but was disappointed in the subsequent takeout we got to take to a friend's. My runner up would probably be Slider Station; pizza's not their speciality, not even on the menu in fact, but their flatbreads - Italian style flatbreads, I think they're called - are pretty much the same, and lovely and flavourful.

FatSu, as you can probably tell, uses a proprietary algorithm to determine whether a place is Good or Bad, a bit like TripAdvisor, but much more complex and technical. I can't say exactly how it works - the process of perfecting it was too long and expensive to share, you see - but, La Fattoria gets my approval because:

1. The pizza is really good. (I told you this was complex.)
2. There is a real Italian chef there, making the pizzas. Yes, I know other nationalities can make pizza, of course they can, even English people, but we are in Muscat and eating pizza, so every bit of authenticity helps establish a European vibe.
3. The restaurant itself has a cosy kind of charm to it, from the rustic walls and piles of wood for the pizza oven, to the little nooks and random decoration. There are adverts for pipeline suppliers and truck rental agencies on alternate pages of the menu. It's not overly eye-talian, nor branded to death.
4. Instead of bread while you make up your mind about what to order, they bring you little deep-fried nuggets of pizza dough, hot and sprinkled with parmesan, which probably have a real Italian name.
5. It's part of Kargeen, or adjacent to it anyway, so you get to soak up the atmosphere, making this a good place to take pizza-loving visitors, especially if you happen to be boycotting Kargeen because they REFUSE to mix tobacco flavours in their shisha and you don't like lemon and you don't like mint, you only like lemon mint.
6. Every time I've been there and ordered the Bufalina (a margherita made with buffalo mozzarella), they've had it in stock, and they're generous with it, too.

So, mille mabrouks to La Fattoria Della Pizza.

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  1. OK- here's a bad review for it. I had heard a lot about this place and I like simple, honest pizzas. That cheese stuffed, double-pan, sausage crowned shit isn't a pizza. An unevenly round base with pockets of flour and some bits where the sauce drips over the side and other bits where there is cheese but not sauce. That kind of pizza.
    So I ordered the prawn and rocket pizza, rucola and gamberi. It took quite a while to arrive and we certainly didn't get any dough balls with cheese, Italian name or not.
    When it did arrive it had a couple of king prawns on it and they were really nice, but I had to eat them separately from the pizza as they were still clad in their shells and heads were still attached. Was I supposed to chop them up and sprinkle them on the pizza or take a bite of prawn followed by a bite of pizza? Not sure but the second option wasn't there because the rucola was so stacked on the pizza I also had to eat that separately because there was no way I was getting it in my mouth while it was stacked up. So by that time I have a margherita pizza that was so wet in the middle that I was pouring liquid off it and it was a bit like a cheese covered dishcloth by that stage.
    The pizza was pricey too- that was an 11 Rial pizza and by the top you drop a fresh juice on top of that and a shisha afterwards you're staring down a 20-spot. I think Tuscany was running a pizza and a glass of wine deal for 15 bucks.
    You're a great food blogger but we need to agree to disagree on this place. And if this is the old chef from Tomato, he was definitely doing a better job there than he is at Kargeen.

  2. No way! Blimey. Thanks for commenting. That sounds like a really bad meal. I'm with you on the prawns - I don't ever expect to have to dismember my food, authentic or not. I like to get on my plate what I'm supposed to eat, and I don't like having to examine it. I'm so sorry you had a bad dinner; there is not much worse in my book.

    I should point out that the chef is not the ex-Tomato guy; last I heard, Chef Mario from the Intercon was still around in Oman, but I'm not sure what he's doing.

  3. I came across many pizzerias and ''italian '' restaurants in the town but honestly never found the real one I would be happy with.To pay 11 OMR is just rip off,no matter how delicious it is.
    The same applies to pasta-hey man,when did you eat last time ''properly'' made ravioli or fettuccine with wild mushrooms?Mama mia!!!

    1. 4 Paws...I agree. It shouldn't be this hard! I very rarely eat pasta outside the house. As for pizza, yes, 11 OMR is way too much...maybe, MAYBE if the ingredients are super-expensive (amazing cheeses, prosciutto, etc, and it better be layered on thickly). But for a simple margherita it's crazy. I have heard the pasta at La Cigalo is good; and I heard it from an Italian. Everything else I tried there was tasty so it might be worth a look.

  4. I'm surprised I never heard of this place till last Wednesday (we went the next day), but I'm glad we just went with it and enjoyed this meal. I definitely will be back at San Francisco restaurants with friends or dates, because it's absolutely worth every dime.