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Oh my god oh my god oh my god. Kiwi Cafe is going to start doing HAND-CUT gourmet fries! They started their super-popular burger brand with grass-fed New Zealand beef. Then, last year (as founder of Cheese Lovers of Muscat, a group which tirelessly and relentlessly lobbies for cheese-embetterment, I totally take credit for this, and I don't want to hear anything different, because really what have I achieved in my life if you take this away from me?), in comes the real cheese - a choice of Cheddar, instead of the usual American-style stuff. A few days ago, Kiwi's Facebook page showcased a picture of their freshly-baked buns. Whaaaaa?! Don't you tease me now. 

At this point, I went there for a very late dinner, post-TOTEM AGM. Kiwi Cafe even has branded collateral now, which you can't eat (that's a good idea! I just invented edible wrappers. Maybe made of sausage skins?) but it still adds to the overall feel that this is a local brand that's growing, happily and justifiably. I posted on Instagram that the only thing left to improve was the fries. And then, just now, I see they are bringing in proper chips. Hand-cut. Skin on. I'm so happy. You know I love the real deal when it comes to fries. I've talked about it in numerous posts. This one. And this one. Also here. Little bit here as well. Which might indicate to some that I have a problem, but I think I have one less now. 

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