FatSu tip: smoky burger buns

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Do you ever get that shivery feeling, like you're part of something wonderful, something bigger than you; that you might actually be heading towards a real legacy? I think we're approaching greatness with our homemade burgers (possessive plural because it's "our" home, not because I'm laying claim to any part in the actual cooking). I wonder where it's all going to end. We've already perfected the patty, and it often has cheese INSIDE it. The condiments are all made from scratch. The separate cheese layer is either Gruyere or Red Leicester. And then there are the bonuses, like a fried egg on top, or a squishy roasted tomato slice next to the bun, or elusive ripe avocado tucked between the layers.

The latest improvement is to the bun itself. This has always been toasted on the barbeque or the griddle, for the blackening. Now we've started adding splatters of chipotle sauce to the bun straight after this step, while the bread's still piping hot. It adds an extra smoky flavour when you thought there was nowhere left to season.


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