Cheese and the small market

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It can be quite tough in Oman to find a viable niche, business-wise. Lots of opportunities, and there are so many great ideas that I'd love to see here, but just wouldn't work because there aren't enough people willing to buy. Of course by bringing this up, what I'm really doing is trying to use this blog as a platform, in the hope that one of you is passionate and rich and eccentric enough to set up an online cheese club. You'd be doing something wonderful. Bound to be good for the karma. Look at this one in the UK. "On the first Wednesday of every month, The Courtyard Dairy’s cheesemongers select the best and most interesting cheeses in season and deliver them direct to your door. Each month’s cheese club selection includes three cheeses plus a packet of crackers and a detailed article on the cheese producers, as well as a topical information feature on cheese." If that doesn't tempt you into a start-up, perhaps a dedicated cheese-courier could be found and funded, to ferry the goods to cheese lovers of Muscat on a weekly basis from various European cities? It could be me.

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