Lulu's Banana Dolphins

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I like Lulu. I wrote about it on my retail blog a while ago. Like many places, my own dear Muscat Grand Mall included, it's best to plan your trip to avoid peak times or you can find yourself in the midst of bewildering chaos, but it's getting better and better. As far as I know, they're also the only supermarket here to have top management available on Facebook for special orders and feedback in real time, as well as actual images showing the new/requested stuff in situ - see the below screenshot from top Facebook group What's Happening Muscat, Oman. Most important though is these banana dolphins. How can I ever shop anywhere else now that I've seen these? It's become the most popular picture on @heyfatsu's Instagram, with comments and likes from all over the region. Although I would normally feel sad at seeing the words dolphin and viral in the same sentence.

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