Hunger: Not a Game

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It's being reported that Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson's recent suspension from the show is due to him punching an assistant producer - when, on location for filming, the latter didn't have Clarkson's dinner ready.

I've never hit anyone over food, save for a few thousand slapped hands that have been foolish enough to hover over my bag of Fruit Gums, or move in with a fork to spear chips off my plate. I'm not blameless though. I have refused to share with little children. I have denied tasting rights to dining partners at restaurants until I've had my fill. Judging from the number of vehemently damning reviews on Facebook group Oman Restaurant Review that are later tempered with words to the effect of "although we were very hungry when we got there", I'm not the only one. Well of course not, or that meme below would never have come into being.

While I'm on a confessional roll: I once falsely gave the impression that I have low blood sugar levels, just to avoid having to talk to someone when I was very very hungry. Maurizio and I never speak on the way to restaurants; it's part of our unique marital synergy, and we don't want to risk hurting each other's feelings. I've also abandoned my car and jumped in a taxi to avoid driving hungry. Better safe than snarling at a traffic cop because you've veered wildly across lanes towards the scent of a bakery.

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