Dubai Food Festival

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Shame on me. I have one of the gourmet capitals of the world a four-hour drive away - not even hard to find, you just go straight and then left - and my food experience with Dubai is sadly limited. I do day trips there for work and eat on the go (because it makes me feel more in sync with the faster pace there, I think). This woeful ignorance is about to change though, because tomorrow I fly up for the Dubai Food Festival for four days of foodie discovery. I'm so excited I almost lost my appetite. 

As well as showcasing some of the more spectacular dining venues in the emirate, the festival features pop-up restaurants by celebrity chefs, a multicultural street food celebration, a gourmet trail including hidden gems and farmers' markets...I'll be posting live on @heyfatsu if you'd care to join me. Now I'm off to pack my most forgiving outfits.

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  1. Safe travels! Can't wait to hear all about it :)