Blue Carpet

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Here's a cool new event that's coming up next week. Wait, how do I know it's cool? It's in the future! It is cool because it has all the ingredients of coolth:

1. LIVE music - with instruments and everything. Did you ever think it would constitute a guilty pleasure? I can already feel that naughty frisson. This band is really good; they were playing when we went for our Valentine's Day dinner.

2. Blue Carpet events are for members only - this being the first one, invites are going out now. And the invites are only going out to the bold and the brilliant people, the movers and shakers, the A-listers, the tops-of-the-trees. People like you. (Although if you haven't got yours yet, click here to request one - it's possible that the organisers don't know that you're awesome.)

3. Ladies, are you ready? Ha! Trust me, you're not. Denzel, the award-winning mixologist who visited Oman from South Africa a few months ago, is back. (You'll notice a disproportionate number of photos of him on my own post on the Hyatt's Sith Ifrican food fest.) A certified cocktail genius, Denzel adds to his talents extreme personal charm and a ravishing beard, plus the ability to make grown women giggle like Geishas. He'll gauge your cocktail style and shake you up a custom one accordingly.

Members can collect their membership cards at the door next Tuesday. There's a welcome drink on the house, and the Hyatt's superduper canapes throughout the evening. See you there!

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