Volare Pizzeria

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Going out for Italian with Maurizio is probably a bit like going out with me for fish and chips; I have my heritage, I have my opinions, and I can be pretty harsh when I find something not to my liking. See my scathing condemnation of the Dolphin restaurant's chips on the FatSu Instagram account. "Meh", I said, and I meant it. 

So our successful visit to try out Volare, the new pizzeria next to the Ramada, was a relief. The pizza is the main thing and it is extremely good. Thin, proper Italian pizza, perfectly cooked. Tasty and generous toppings. Excellent cheeses - nice to see more than four on one pizza too (at home we have Seven Cheese Pasta), and the menu stresses their use of fresh ingredients. We each had a small pizza and it was a good lunch portion. Neither of us could fault it at all and it has gone on our List of Acceptable Pizzas. Extra points also for their Coke being served out a glass bottle - it always tastes better.

It's a pretty new place and the service was a bit slow, but I never go anywhere that just launched and expect fast service. The service staff were very friendly and nice, although there was some confusion and (civilised) argument about the dessert; two of them on the menu are very similar and the chefs and waiters - and I think the manager - weren't sure which was which. Yes, they all came over and talked to us. It was quite the crowd, but I appreciated them all trying to sort out the issue. In the end I ate what I had been given, which was a cannoli, but that wasn't what I thought I ordered...Maurizio was able to add the stamp of authenticity to my assertions. All the back-and-forth gave me a chance to get a bit more hungry though and the dessert was really delicious, just sweet enough, and I polished off the lot. It's the one on the bottom left corner of the menu. Well, the one on the right corner actually but I think both will get you a cannoli. Order it and enjoy it but don't try and get a definition.

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