Fungi Mutarium

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I'm not sure who Google thinks I am. I regularly see ads on the side of my screen trying to sell me or show me: North American sports news (incomprehensible), Filipino girls looking for fun (can't help, sorry ladies), condos in Bangalore (I lack lakhs), and highly specialised construction equipment (maybe because I typed the words "Honda Road" into Muscat Where Can I Find a few times?).

Today one of the links actually seemed to be aimed at getting my attention. The Fungi Mutarium! What a name; you can see why I clicked. I would like to get a Fungi Mutarium for Christmas - it looks like a beautiful, alien cake. It's a glass dome full of egg-shaped pods made of sugars, and stuffed with plastic matter. Scientists add mushroom particles, mycelia - then these fungi-types eat away at the pods and grow, breaking down the non-biodegradable plastic as they work their way from meal to meal, growing into edible mushrooms in the process as a side effect. Now the teams who invented it are working on a way to increase the speed and scope, so the concept could be applied on a larger scale to reduce plastic pollution massively, and presumably produce enormous juicy mushrooms.

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