Spot the Italians

We went to a friend's house for dinner - me and three Romans. Maurizio and Alessandra are in the kitchen preparing the meal while I lean back, Martini-and-orange in hand, and watch the experts at work. How many typically Italian products can you spot in the photo? I think it's nine.

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  1. Mmmmmmmm

    1. Martini?
    2. The pasta
    3. San Giorgio olive oil?
    4. the wine?
    5. The cheese?
    6. The oven?
    7. The tomato sauce M is opening?
    8. the olives?
    9. the typically open shirt wearing of Italians along with hairy chest? :P

    1. That was extremely fast! And almost perfect.

      If you substitute "6. The oven" for the pancetta that M is frying, you got them all. You could also include the glass with the orange in it, which also contained Martini, but I'm told that it's even MORE Italian to drink Martini with orange instead of lemon. Also there are two types of cheese.

      But all in all very accurate, quick and also yours is the only entry. If there was a prize you would have won it.

    2. I shall claim my prize from the desert table this evening ;)