(Loads of) Salad

Salads get a bad rap for dullness, and can bring to mind frustrating calorie deprivation and limp lettuce, but I love a good fat juicy salad. Salads have a good thing going for them: you can make them out of anything and you don't even need to cook them. Even I can assembly a salad. And sometimes I do. In theory, you can get more imaginative with less effort, and be rewarded with a dish of which every mouthful is different. 

The key to making a proper meal of salads is just to eat loads and loads. Like a kilo or so of this concoction of refreshing and tasty goodness that we had for lunch, which has in it: grilled chicken, pears, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, goat's cheese, wholegrain mustard and honey.

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  1. A kilo of salad, it sounds like a challenge to me..

    I like to go to Just Grilled at Shatti for their chicken Greek salad, very yummy!

  2. I like a good salad myself and wouldve added some flaxseed into that mix, just to five it an extra ommph of fiber *punch first in the air*