Generosity/roast chicken

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Food gestures can be so beautiful. Yesterday I flew out of town for a day - constituting an early start and four flights - and arrived back in Muscat at 11pm, starving. Have you ever eaten on Gulf Air? No, me neither. 

Maurizio had been with our friends James and Carla, and when he set off to pick me up from the airport, they kindly gave him a full plate of the roast dinner they'd cooked. So when I fell off the plane, dragged myself through the electronic gates, and slumped into the car, I was greeted with a delicious scent of rosemary and garlic, and devoured the whole thing (meat from the bones and all) on the drive home. 

As if it were needed, this is another good example of why not following the Rules is a good idea. I'd recommend a restorative roast to anyone at any time, in any location, even a moving vehicle. Just what I needed after a long day of travel; tasty and comforting, and the garlic cloves got straight to work on killing off all the germs that four plane-loads of passengers insisted on breathing into the public domain.

(In the interest of full disclosure, this is a pre-used photo - while it is possible, even advisable, to eat roast dinners in the car at night, it's an almost impossible proposition to photograph the procedure.)

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