FatSu Tip: pizza crusts

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FatSu tips: inspired by the buzz that went round the table at our last dinner at Safari, when Anne's get-the-ketchup-bottle-to-give-it-up tip drew gasps of joy and astonishment from the guests, all of whom were hard-bitten, world-weary media types.

Like the one I passed on from Anne, none of these tips are likely to come directly from me. I don't really know anything. So here's a tip from Maurizio. For those of us with soft mouths, discarded pizza crusts are a terrible waste of dough. What Maurizio does is to drizzle a few drops of chilli oil onto the very edge of the slice, and tilt it to let it absorb into the crust, softening it up and making it edible. Zero waste and an extra kick from the chilli heat.

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