Safari Rooftop Grill House

What an amateur I am. Last night I ate at the Grand Hyatt Muscat's newly re-opened Safari Rooftop Grill, with its ample opportunities for lingering shots of glistening fresh seafood platters, juicy steaks and perfect chips. And these are the only two pictures on my phone this morning. Sigh. Although, to be fair to me, that's because I was too busy having fun. What I'll do it, I'll just tell you what the food was like. It was awesome. We were a table of twenty, yet when my tenderloin came out of the kitchen it was the most spot-on medium rare meltiness I ever had. Fabulous chips - a far cry from my squidgy Elevation Burger favourites, these were the sort of proper gourmet chips that would get you a nod on Masterchef. 

Now that it's winter (it is, it really is) I plan to spend more evenings at Safari Rooftop. The food rocks, the staff are all lovely, plus, I love deals. The meal packages are a great price for what you get, starting around OMR 27 including all your drinks. I like the ease of splitting the bill if you're with a group, I like knowing how much I'm going to spend, and I like unlimited stuff, especially wine. It all makes for a very relaxed evening out. Also, if you like people-watching, the roof is privy to a great view of the outside of Safari itself - you have to lean over, but all human life is there.

(Anne, by the way, is pictured below about to demonstrate a top tip for getting ketchup out. Apparently you give a couple of sharp raps on the bottle, just where it says either 57 or the word Heinz on the glass.)

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  1. You didn't mention the most Ahhhhhhhh-Mazing mashed potatoes, did you try them? I've been thinking about them all night. I may just have to go back again soon just for a plate of mash...

    Great to see you last night Dahling :) x

    1. I did! You're right! You know what's good? Leftover mashed potatoes put under the grill with some cheese.

  2. I should have poured the limoncello.