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Why is that I can go into restaurants in four star hotels here and receive a slice of defrosted, store-bought Sara Lee cake as a dessert, when not only should that be unacceptable for any kitchen with standards, but when even food trucks are going gourmet and giving in to the inevitable, growing, and really quite reasonable desire of customers to have food outlets actually care what they serve? Answers below please.

Meanwhile, back in a Vegas parking lot, right outside the show I had been trudging round all morning, I heard a happy-sounding lady calling out orders for a long, long queue of customers, suffixing every name she yelled with a "honey" or a "darling". Away from home and starved of affection (I told you, my Vegas is a sad and lonely place), I gravitated towards her food truck, Sauced Vegas, which had "comfort food" on the side - fantastic, a lunch that could satisfy both my hunger and my self-indulgent homesickness.

The Sauced concept is written on the side of the truck - is it lazy of me just to post a picture of it? I'm going to. I love it. Food that people love, homemade, with a gourmet twist, with proper ingredients, and super tasty. At a brilliant price. Such an intriguing menu by any standards, let alone for something with wheels - how about their Big Easy Balls? That's "Cajun chicken and Andouille sausage mixed with creamy risotto and garlic herb cream cheese, rolled and coated with panko breadcrumbs and fried to a crispy golden brown". This is a five star truck. I got a blue cheese turkey burger with bacon fig jam, without onions for Susan Honey.

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