FatSu USA - Las Vegas, 35 Steaks + Martinis

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This has to be a quick post because I only had two things perched at the bar at this lovely steakhouse in Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel. The restaurant, though beautifully and traditionally done out, was too intimate and romantic for me to eat a full three course meal in, alone, on my wedding anniversary, thousands of miles from my husband. Still, the stomach wants what it wants, and I'd spied Drunken Mussels on the menu, passing the restaurant on the way to my room. Well, actually not really on the way. Quite a diversion really, Vegas hotels being so huge.

The fact is, I felt called down this particular corridor, as if the words "with pancetta lardons" had been shouted instead of written on the menu. Delicious green-lipped mussels, all juicy and dripping with the citrussy sauce, perfect with the smoky pancetta, perfect with my cucumber cocktail, which was shaken by a barman with an encyclopaedic knowledge of his craft, and a porkpie hat on.

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