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In between work on my trips away, I don't get as much time to explore as I'd like. So I walk everywhere, in the hope of discovering random and wonderful places to eat, which of course in New York is very easy. Occasionally though, if my legs are starting to hurt, or if I've found myself embroiled in a raucous Bolivian street party, I duck into the subway to catch one of NYC's character-filled trains to where I'm going, in sitting position, if not in peace. 

Last time my feet bailed on me, I found myself in Grand Central Station, which is a very impressive structure, and becomes more so once you scout around a bit and find its permanent food market. It's a bright and buzzing space that you can zip through, grabbing a takeaway deli sandwich, or browse blissfully for hours. A dream come true if you love retail and food. Organic truffle honey. Pecan butter. Black Italian cherries. Artisanal breads. Artisanal everything else. I'm such a sucker for all this stuff. Handmade goats' milk caramels - the packaging of which features line drawings of the actual goats who donated their milk. And their names.

I didn't taste everything that's pictured here. It's enough just to look on in wonder as these fine foods are sold by the fine people of New York. It's also cheaper just to look. Granted, those milking goats are probably hand-fed with organic truffle honey, and that farmyard portraiture doesn't come cheap, but still... $15.99 for 12 sweeties - oh but look, each individual piece has tiny goat pictures on its sustainable wrapping! Alright then.

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