FatSu USA - breakfast in New York, part two

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Sometimes you spend a good deal of time walking the Manhattan grid in search of a place like Tous Les Jours, that fits the bill of a joy-to-discover, flavour-revelation, party-on-your-palate, ooooh-look-at-this-hidden-gem-I-found type of a cafe. And other times, you want to feel like you're having a breakfast that any Noo Yoiker might have. So you seek out a Lenny's. 

Lenny's NYC is a chain of really good sandwich shops, one of which I ducked into out of a summer storm, and where I had a tasty Provolone omelette with a side of home fries. One thing I like about America is how, as a foreigner, everything you do there feels like a moment in a movie. What are home fries? I don't know. They sound like something in a gentle Southern romcom though. Sometimes I only go into diners to pretend I'm in Reservoir Dogs, although I always order something of course. And I always tip.

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