FatSu USA - breakfast in New York, part one

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I've missed sitting down to write this blog! 

As part of my real job, I travel twice a year on buying trips to the US and UK; I just got back from one of these and can put off doing all my washing if I prioritise writing up the culinary highlights of my time away.

My first stop in the US was New York - you'll excuse me not having any fancy dinners or bars featured here, as the trip was for business (i.e. I collapsed into bed each night with a bag of nacho chips). But breakfast in Manhattan is cool too. Not at Tiffany's. I like to sit down while I eat. 

The lack of novelty everyone feels in Muscat is of course crystalised in a place like New York, where you can barely walk forward for all the stumbling-upon. Take this French-Asian bakery on 32nd Street. I would never have gone out looking for a Korean place to have breakfast - now I know better and I would seek out this place in a heartbeat, for their baked donuts filled with sweet potato and red bean paste, for their frothy green tea latte, for the calm, welcoming ambience and the scents coming from the bakery itself. Those donuts were the softest, most yielding I've ever had, the level of sweetness exactly perfect. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If anyone really rich is reading this, Tous Les Jours offers franchise opportunities. Please put one next to my shop and put me down for breakfast every day.

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