Give peas a chance

How many blogs have been born of a necessity to share information with an audience other than the writer's long-suffering spouse? My retail blog, for example, tackles topics that fascinate me as a retailer (my day job) but for some reason fail to excite Maurizio. No, I also don't understand why he wouldn't want to hear my opinions on the perfect clothes hanger. Men.

As a couple, we are generally of one mind when it comes to food, but I think for his sake I could use this blog as an outlet for some of my more passionate (and repetitive) food speeches. It was only writing up the indignation I experienced when Tim Horton lied to me (also mentioned here - repetitive, see?) that stopped me tutting every time I saw their menu board.

So today I'll relegate one of my most frequent rants to this page. Peas. I love peas. Maybe I go on a bit too much about the sociological and nutritional properties of the humble pea. Every time we eat one. "Do you know," I always say, "I really like peas. Why don't people appreciate them? They are so underrated. They might be the least glamorous vegetable. Or legume. Is a legume necessarily a vegetable? How can peas not be in fashion when offal is? Mmmm, lovely peas." There, it's written, and from now on I limit myself to a brief "yum" when we have fusilli piselli.

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  1. My kids adore peas till the age of 2-3yrs and then refuse to mouth any once they develop a sweet tooth.

    I cant get my head...mouth rather around the texture it leaves behind when you eat it.

    Sorry no peas for me

    1. Peas are sweet! They even look sweet. But if you don't like peas the traditional way, have you tried wasabi peas? Hot and tasty snack. Maybe not for kids.