The World's Most Expensive Foods

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Here's a glimpse of what your gastronomic life could be like if you had limitless funds (and no qualms about spending them on consumables).

This delicious-looking infographic, created by FinancesOnline, is a foodie must-see, whatever your thoughts might be on such unsurpassed decadence. Some of the items on there will make you drool, and it might be shocking to see what's spent on certain foods (although you should know that a fair few of these dishes or ingredients were created to raise funds for charity).

How much would you spend on a dessert, or a steak? I really love food - see all previous posts, and almost every conversation I ever had - but could I ever fork out the equivalent of a small country's GDP to experience anything so transitory as an ice-cream, no matter how delicious? (And, in this case - see below - a freebie that way surpasses any Happy Meal toy.)

Of course, this moral quandary disappears if someone else is paying...

The Most Expensive Dishes In The World: 10 Gourmet Alternatives To Everyday Food
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