Junior Chef Contest!

I've mentioned before that I'm a big fan of utilisation. Proper use of space, exploitation of local resources, not letting something worthwhile go to waste. You know what's just sitting around, waiting to do something useful? Children.

I know families with kids are particularly concerned with keeping them entertained during the summer holidays. This initiative from the Shangri-La looks like a brilliant thing to set them doing, with potentially excellent returns for parents. Start your little Michelin star off this week at the Shangri-La, and look forward to gourmet breakfasts and innovative puddings as well-earned repayment for those years of night feeds and tantrum-soothing.

Have you ever watched Junior Masterchef? It's inspiring! Pink-cheeked eight year olds cheerfully preparing venison emulsions and juniper berry gremolata. This is the kind of creative, useful skill I would hope to nurture in any child of mine. (I'm playing it down - in fact training will be mandatory and rigorous and will replace regular education entirely.)

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  1. Don't you need to know how to cook first, in order to train your imaginary slave, I mean, child? :)

    1. I'd be encouraging/disciplining from the kitchen sidelines while the real Chef did the training. And once Child One can cook it can teach Child Two, and so on, meaning I never have to learn myself.

    2. Ahh, a very well thought out and cunning plan. Now, off to the baby supermarket to pick out Child One, and place an order for Child Two. I presume you'll be looking for the upgraded versions, guaranteeing delivery of walking, talking and potty trained children as well? :P