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Last week saw National Fries Day in the USA. Often a divisive topic, everyone has their own opinion on what makes a good chip. I'm firmly in the skin-on, slightly soggy, long and thin camp, although I like a good wedge as well. (The nice people at Elevation Burger do me specially soggy chips on request.)

There are too many bad fries out there, and quite a few that are just meh, so I often end up skipping them, even when I'm jonesing for a potato fix. I'm looking forward to the opening of New York Fries here, though. I haven't tried them but they promise hand-cut, made to order, skin-on chips. I'm ready to be impressed.)

Maybe it's because so many restaurants neglect their chips, concentrating on the "star" of the dish, that some people are happy to grab a handful of a dining partner's fries. I've seen this happen, fries being treated like a non-food that's on the table for anyone and everyone. They're not. They're on my plate, for a reason. You don't see this with salad. You wouldn't lean over and casually slice off a mouthful of my steak. Don't nick my chips.

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