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FatSu is now on Instagram: @heyfatsu. Sometimes, a food moment can't just be saved up until I have time for the process of careful crafting that each of these posts undergoes.

I like the Explore page on Instagram. That, and hashtags, has led me to plenty of follow-worthy accounts, with some brilliant names, including clean food advocates @MissVegangster and @HerbiWhore. 

I'm also loving the global element of food discovery. Highlighting those packed-with-flavour dehydrated fruits used by the Mexican chef at Rumba here in Muscat brought me to Korean account @Dehydration_Nation, who posted the photo below. Those guys really love dehydrated fruit. (I'm still working on a better name for 'dehydrated'. Superessenced? Concentasted?)

From my use of #latinfood, I've found and followed @MyLatinWifeCantCook. That one is sweet: it's by a husband who is learning to cook the dishes his wife grew up with. 

I always check who's liked my pictures. Once it was SexyFood TV, a Kickstarter project that hasn't made it yet if you're interested. And @PlayDohLab, who liked an image I posted of a playdoh pie. Their account is for the hardcore playdohers - there's playdoh sushi, and even a Bring Back Our Girls playdoh cutout.

@WestCoastFoodie liked a pasta post of mine featuring lovely roast tomatoes, and now I follow her for beautiful and varied food photos, and every so often a pun-filled caption (latest post: "Udon know how much I love noodles"). 

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