Energy snack

Working in a clothes shop, the pre-Eid period is always a busy time for me. Meal-skippingly busy in fact. Our MGM branch has been opening 15 hours a day, and when there are customers (which is always), you can't take more than a few seconds to eat.

I read somewhere that for a quick energy boost, celebrities use peanut butter smeared on a slice of apple (the celebs that aren't using high-grade cocaine or prescription meds, anyway), so I decided to try it on a Granny Smith. Good results. Keeps me full, gives a nice sugar hit, tastes like a poor man's Waldorf Salad. The main benefit to me is that it provides an acceptable way to eat peanut, which until now I've been spooning directly from the jar to my mouth.

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  1. Annnddddd...... It doesn't stink out the shop. Good thinking Batman!

  2. You can put peanut butter on anything....welll not literally!

    My kids have the typical breakfast at time of peanut butter and jelly. I get to smeer it on apple, celery and have been known to put it on carrots.

    Nice to see that there is an organic option around town