FatSu World Cup, part two

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There have been some major upsets so far in this World Cup. Maybe not in actual footballing terms...that I wouldn't know. I mean in terms of the FatSu best-food-wins theory, but I think I can explain the blips away. Yes, Holland thrashed Spain, home of tapas - not just a cuisine, a whole different way of eating and one that allows us to sample a gazillion dishes and feel trendy rather than gluttonous - as well as jamon, manchego, Rioja, gazpacho. Holland has good, honest cheeses...well, even as the founder of Cheese Lovers of Muscat, I can tell you that I could live without Edam, and that shouldn't have been enough for such a conclusive victory, so I can only put it down to the food-consuming power of a nation legally allowed to give in to The Munchies.

As I write, Germany is similiarly drubbing Portugal. Has the latter relied too much on its excellent marinated chicken dishes? Is Portugal, in fact, resting on those same fragrant laurels that scent its traditional espetadas? Maybe a true winner's diet is made up of salty goodies like sauerkraut and pretzels. And Argentina just beat Bosnia. At this stage, the FatSu theory is still in the game. Come on England...

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