FatSu World Cup, part one

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For a football ignoramus like me, with affiliation to England's national team, and so little idea of what makes a winning side, what else can I do to predict the winners of each Cope do Mundo game but use each team's national cuisine as a guide? Oh you may scoff when you consider that Germany beat Argentina in 2010, 4-0 at that, as if the South American team didn't represent a country that rules the world of beef and have at least a stake (sic) in global wine awesomeness. 

But so far Brazil is beating Croatia. If Spain beats Holland - Gouda notwithstanding - and to a lesser extent if Mexico beats Cameroon (not having any idea about the best foodstuffs to come out of Cameroon, to my shame, but how could it possibly beat the chilli-chipotle-nacho-Mayan-mole combo?), you might want to consider my method infallible. In which case England have even less chance than you might think.

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