Burnt bits

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Burnt bits. Caramelisation. The tastiest bit of the edge of so many foods. Smoky barbecued peppers, a sizzling, griddled steak - oh those blackened lines, I'd put them on everything if I could. And these oven-roasted tomatoes, on a simple lemony spaghetti with wilted rocket and slivers of parmesan. The tomatoes hold their shape in the oven, then melt in your mouth. 

I make a nice sauce out of roasted tomatoes alone, too. You slow-roast a mix of tomatoes (cherry, vine, beef, whatever you can get, chopped to roughly the same size) with salt and pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar to taste, on a low to medium heat until you see black bits, then they start to give off that caramelised aroma until you really couldn't keep them in the oven any longer if you wanted to. Use a fork to break it down a bit but keep it rustically chunky. Perfect easy pasta sauce and you can freeze it too; you can add basil leaves before serving to freshen it up. Also it's a tangy addition to toast with a fried egg on top, if you need a super-tasty weekend breakfast. 

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