Nacho lunch

Only 1 in 249 avocados in Muscat is ready to eat. When you find a ripe avocado here, it's like a little treat from the universe.

When you find one on a Friday, really the best thing you can do is make guacamole and spread it over a huge plate of nacho chips. With some juicy tomatoes and sharp cheddar and fresh ripped coriander. And, which I just discovered, smoked chipotle tabasco.

Top tip: when your fingers become wrinkly at the tips from the salty chips, you've had enough.

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  2. Hey FatSu, little trick place your avocados in your rice container for 1-2 days and they will be perfectly ripe :) And if your looking for Chipotle Peppers in adobo sauce you can find some in Sultan Center (Wataya) in a small tin (CAUTION: They are extremely caliente!)

    1. I'm going to try the avocado trick! It could solve one of my biggest problems in life.

      Thanks for the chipotle tip-off too - sounds more authentic and I was reading a whole big chipotle debate on a US forum so I will give them a go. I'll feed the peppers to Maurizio first though if they're really scorching...nobody likes to see FatSu cry.

    2. the avocado in rice container is a tired and tested trick even back home! same goes with sapodilla and custard apple!

    3. Back in the UK, supermarkets sell avocados in packaging labelled "100% ripe - guaranteed"...but I prefer a challenge. Also I'm suspicious of promises like that when it comes to something that is definitely not native to the UK.