Lulu's British Food Festival

Lulu, about which I posted on my retail blog a while ago, is running a British food promotion at the moment; so, being British and a food blogger, I saw it was my duty to check it out. Well. More accurately, I went to see if I might be able to get a) dark chocolate HobNobs and b) Rowntree's Fruit Gums.

I had heard a rumour on the confectionery underground that some variety packs had the Fruit Gums in, and I would gladly chuck away the inferior findings to gorge on gums. Those green ones! Teetering on the edge of too sour, the lactic acid burning your palate. Anyway, my love of Fruit Gums is something for a much longer, in-depth piece, besides which they didn't have any.

What they did have, and what the first thing I saw was, Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Bars! I had one of these for lunch every single that day I went to school with a lunchbox (I had a He-Man one). Far from having come into Lulu looking for these, they transported me back to being 4 years old embarrassingly quickly. That shiny little boy from the Olden Days smiled up at me five days a week for years! Sometimes the only child who would in fact. It's the world's least cool snack bar  - you don't tend to appreciate retro as a concept until you've reached puberty at least - but I loved them. (The cool snacks, of course, were the newly re-branded Penguin bars, and the cool lunchboxes were Transformers ones.)

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  1. Your love for green fruit gums made me snort water out of my nose. More writing like this please FatSu!!!

  2. I actually remember penguin bars! Wait....multi coloured with a dating penguin??

    They used to supply them here and it was our midafternoon treat

    Wow you brought back memories ...did I just give away my age???

    1. Yes, and the boy penguins had shades on. They thought they were so great.

      You did reveal your age but luckily it's not at all embarrassing as according to my calculation, you and I were both minus 7 when they re-branded the penguin bars. Placing us in the mid- to late-twenties bracket now.