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A three-fruit flavour ice lolly from iStick Oman in the food court at Muscat Grand Mall - blackberry, mango and raspberry. Really tasty; they make them fresh every day right there on the premises from REAL FRUIT (Tim Hortons take note), and they don't add any chemical nasties. I was bit taken aback at the OMR 2.500 price tag but thinking about it, I would probably pay not much less for a freshly-squeezed juice, and this contains the whole fruit (I know because the mango was good and pulpy), so you get the fibre you wouldn't in a juice. Anyway, I'd already licked it before handing over the cash, and not even the PACP would make a shop take back something pre-licked. Maurizio frugally had the summer melon one, which was just a rial and just as tasty, so the whole bill was about as much as your average luxury macaroon and was much better at beating the heat. I even got a red nose from the iciness.

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