Fruit Gum Addendum

Breaking news: Within minutes of posting my last piece, I got the below visual evidence, along with detailed aisle directions to the EXACT POSITION of Rowntree's Fruit Gums from Lulu management. Once I have bought all but one packet, I will disclose the location. (Hint: that's not the real Big Ben.)

And later: my patented instructions on How To Eat Fruit Gums Without Getting Them Stuck In Your Teeth.

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  1. ������ loving this

    Would've hijacked your stash but I'm on a strict diet

    1. You would have had to pry them from my cold, dead, gummy hands. But I was very polite and left a bag on display. (The other five are with me.) Did you know Fruit Gums are 25% real fruit juice? So can be used legitimately as part of a cleansing detox...but you have to eat 4 x more than the recommended amount of fruit to get those levels up to 100%. That's just good mathematics.