Fauchon vanilla eclairs

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Before the panel on the Oxford English Dictionary allowed in the definition of the word "vanilla" to describe something that's nice enough, regular, a bit bleh, they should have tried the vanilla eclairs at Fauchon. So not regular. So very vanilla. (You can see the flecks of vanilla bean in the icing and in the creamy filling.) First time I tried it, it was alongside two more ostensibly impressive offerings from Fauchon, including a dessert drowned in liquid edible gold and festooned with tiny golden balls; not that anything from Fauchon could ever be called humble, but it was the relatively less luxe vanilla eclair that stood out. Layers of flavour that just kept on coming, the sweetness offset by an undertone of almost sour creaminess, just perfect. The little branded fuchsia slab on top is lemony too, which cuts through the sugars (I used it as a palette cleanser between this one and the chocolate eclair).

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