Yesterday I was hungry for a food I'd never had. Nando's launched its new menu item, the espetada, and I went to try it out. I didn't know what an espetada was, but Google told me they are Portuguese kebabs. Meat on a stick appeals to the very most basic, sub-mammalian part of the brain. It was more than likely the first hot dinner Man ever had, cooked over the smoking coals of the first ever fire. 

Thousands of years have passed, and our civilisation has developed, and now we can go to Nando's and have garlic-rubbed, feta-stuffed, marinated juicy chicken espetada, served in generous portions, hanging from a specialised metal contraption. Nando's served it with a tasty southern European salad and a fizzy, zingy mango sangria. I'm so glad we've evolved. The chicken, as per the ingeniously simple but effective Nando's tagline, was really, really, really, really good, and I liked the novelty of eating downwards.

We finished with this slice of peanutty, gooey, chocolatiness, which was firm and, despite literally oozing caramel, not too sweet. It may have had other ingredients but I was almost swooning with fullness at this point. Like I said, portions were generous (the espetada was longer than my arm), but when it came to dessert, luckily my keen brain had thought of a fantastic justification for squeezing in one more course: "After all, I'm already here".

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  1. Thank you for the lovely review Susan!