Coconut float

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Food, good food, like human beauty, art, and probably some other stuff, is all about contrast. Across all food cultures. Sweet and sour go hand in hand, like crispy bacon and runny fried eggs do; like crunchy walnuts in a smooth blue cheese sauce; like hot chilli salsa tempered by cool sour cream.

Ice-cream sodas have managed to pass me by. I've seen them being sipped by The Fonz's coy conquests on innumerable episodes of Happy Days, and when in the US I always favour diners over other eateries (they make me feel like I'm in a film). My first one was the other night at Nando's...their Coconut Crush sounded like it might be refreshing enough to wake me from my espetada-induced stupor. Zingy lemonade and creamy coconut and vanilla ice-cream, bubbles and smoothness, just lovely. I get it now. I got brain-freeze and nose-fizz at the same time too, another first.

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