Ciders at Safari

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It's been a busy week for FatSu. A glorious Michelin-starred lunch by Chef Alfredo Russo at the Shangri-La (he's there til the 3rd, go if you get the chance). Then last night, the Grand Hyatt Muscat held a gourmet dinner at their Safari Rooftop Grill: Beers and Ciders of the World was the theme. I like to learn, and somehow I seem to have missed out on the cider experience. It's a common introduction to alcohol in England, but my teenage years coincided with the beginning of aggressive alco-pop marketing campaigns. Cider, it turns out, is very strong stuff. Sneakily strong, and tasty. And surprisingly good with dinner.

I tried some very traditional Thatcher's; a strawberry and lime version; and a Swedish pear-based cider. The food was similarly international: foie gras with roasted apple discs and a lime jelly, then wasabi-crusted tuna with a lemon puree, followed by a beautiful piece of halibut. All menus should have at least one of the following words on in order to make guests feel gourmetish: Emulsion. Micro herbs. Artisan.

There was another nice surprise last night; I increased my knowledge of Hawaiian desserts by 100%. Do you know what a mochi is? It's a bite-size ice-cream made from butter and coconut and wrapped in rice paper. The paper package melts in your mouth, very convenient and refreshing. 

And luckily for my fellow guests last night, it was only this morning that I remembered the song I Am A Cider Drinker.

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