Truly Thai at Marjan Restaurant

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My favourite restaurant in Muscat for a romantic meal is Marjan. Not everyone knows about it in its evening guise, but that's part of the charm; that tucked-away, cosy, hidden treasure quality. If you're lucky enough to spend days at the Grand Hyatt Muscat basking in the sun and bobbing round the lazy river, you might know Marjan as the poolside restaurant you hoist yourself up to for a typical family-friendly hotel lunch. But after sunset, Marjan turns into the Grand Hyatt's pan-Asian gem, with superb sushi, die-for slow-cooked beef stew, and the most sublime ambience. 

Right now, Marjan is hosting the Grand Hyatt's Truly Thai promotion, and we had a lovely dinner there to try it out. Wow. Our food came family style, hot onto the table as soon as it was ready, and it really felt like an authentic feast. Top picks were the soup and the curry, but the more chilli-hardened guests assured me that the noodles were killer. The promo features the Park Hyatt Dubai's Chef Supattra Boonsrang and runs til the 12th of April. 


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