Taza kabsa

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I bet everyone has this - a food that they just must have when they feel super-starving. Not a comfort food as such - more a re-fuel for when you've been working like a mule. Mine is the chicken kabsa from Taza, and luckily there's one of these outlets in the food court at Muscat Grand Mall where I've just finished launching my shop. The fit-out process has featured a fair few long, wearying days of box-lugging, mannequin-wrestling and bulk steaming, and at the end of each of these I head for that kabsa. It's full of little taste surprises like fresh orange rind shavings, cloves, and the cooling zing from the tomato relish it comes with (ask for an extra one, you'll need it). And, it works out at OMR 2.9 for a portion that feeds two mules.

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