Shangri-La's Full Moon Beach Barbeque

Serendipity at the Shangri-La: sometimes everything just works out perfectly and all elements come together for a beautiful dinner. Yesterday the Shangri-La somehow arranged for a storm in the morning so that the sky would be clear, the breeze cool and the mosquitoes swept away for their first Full Moon Beach Barbeque Dinner, held on the sand at the Bandar Beach with great company all around, while the band played cool, low-key swing and samba.

This was the first Full Moon Beach Barbeque from the team at the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort, and I really hope they make it a regular thing. The set-up of the event, on that beach - one of the most beautiful in Oman - nestled in the cliffside with the moon beaming down on candlelit tables, is a bit magical. And, much as I love Muscat, being at the Shangri-La feels like you've left town, which makes it even more special.

Romantic as all that ambience stuff may be, however, the highlights of the night for me were the Oscar-style selfie a bunch of us ended up taking, the warm cherry crumble with vanilla bean custard (sour-sweet and creamy-crunchy), and sucking the hell out of far too many succulent, lemony crab legs.

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  1. Great ribs too! An great music.
    By the way...someone said you look Angelina Jolie....

    1. I think you look more like her than me. I'm more of an Ellen.
      Yes those ribs were gooooood...with the grilled lemon juice still warm from the coals...mmmm...I think we need to do a BBQ tonight. Or right now.