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Look at this. Ridiculously good. I went to a dear friend's baby shower and a fellow guest turned up with this most beautiful concoction. Has anyone else noticed that the standard of home-cooking is inordinately better than when we were kids? I can't remember the last time I saw a limp sandwich or fallen flan at someone's house. Is it the number, quality and variety of food-related TV shows we've seen debuting in the last decade or so that has improved our kitchen skills? Or has the bar been raised by social media - our cakes and other creations are now in the spotlight and so must be better; and better than the next person's. Certainly when this beauty arrived on the tea table, everyone got their phones out and started snapping pictures. And then demolished it. It was perfect; springy, melty meringue and tumbling fresh fruit and plenty of cream.

(We celebrated the baby's imminent arrival, not just the cake, by the way.)

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