Green pesto

Chlorophyll. Not the most enticing-sounding component of a meal, but as chlorophyll is the green in plants (including the locally-grown rocket and basil used in this pesto dish) produced by photosynthesis, what I am eating is essentially Omani sunshine on a plate. Although roughly blended with olive oil, garlic, pine nuts and lemon juice, the aroma is more like Italy on a plate, and it's filled the whole house.

This is one of a few homemade pestos that Maurizio makes and one of my favourites, not only for the beautiful rich colour but the perfection with which it sticks to the spaghetti. His innovative Yellow Pesto is a show-stopper too; we're working our way through the rainbow.

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  2. Thrs something about freshly grown basil in a pesto sauce isnt thr....I went a step ahead (or backwards) and grew it in homemade compost :)

    check it out...